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Accounting service for an entrepreneur

Service is suitable for an entrepreneur with an incorporated business or a sole trader.

The service is provided by digital tools that are provided by us. Your statutory accounts are produced according to local standards currently in force at the jurisdiction. If you use our app you are being able to see the accounting results in there. A customer not using the app is being able to see results at the web portal type of drive. 

What we expect from you:

  • delivery of material in commonly know formats (PDF, JPG,JPG)

  • bank statement delivered monthly in CSV and PDF form

  • being able to use a smartphone and a computer

  • you do not deliver paper

What we do not expect from you

  • input of numbers

Cotaxwise easy


A monthly book keeping licence price starts at 86,00 euros / month.

Price includes

  • a recording of entries up to certain amount of transactions (threshold)

  • a mobile app license to use in an Android phone

  • a web drive to a use in any smart phone & and in any desktop computer

  • the monthly fee is scaling in an automatic manner and it is invoiced after the entries are done.

Please complete the form below & we will send you the complete price list, list of possible auxiliary services & other relevant information.

in starting to use the service

Thank you. Please follow your email & unwanted wolder as well


Completion of the form below


We will arrange a virtual meeting without visual presence to overview your needs


We will send over the contract for your confirmation  & proceeding necessary onboarding


You are going to provide for us a necessary accounting documentation prepared earlier elsewhere 


We are preparing the accounting for you on a monthly basis

Would you like to go forward with the contract?
Please complete the form below & we are coming back with the matter.

Complete the necessary fields and we go from there 


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